Kerfuffle Merch Competition

There can be few finer sights in this capitalist world when a seasoned narcissist like me comes up against the need to build a brand. Some might opt for the far more logical and trackable ROI advertising with Mr Facebook Paul Long, but no not me I love the idea of saying how the bloody hell did they find me? Once you've had an Ooompa Loompa as a source you can never go back.

I'm going to be awarding my wonderful Kerfufflers a prize each month based on the most creative use of Kerfuffle merch out there. Location, humour, best use of brand are all factors in who wins each month. I will preside utterly dictatorial, like a PropTech Jabba over the winner each month. Blatant appeals to my largesse rather than large arse will be more than welcome.

Just please be aware that high profile slots on Crimewatch will not be considered, edgy brand I can handle, but I'd survive two minutes inside, that or I'd like it too much. Either way i'm in no hurry to find out, just rest assured we'll find out at some stage.


All you need to do is copy us in with #Kerfuffle or @KerfuffleClub and once I've fraped every consumable bit of data laughing in the face of GDPR we will then do the monthly draw.

In one of those quite sickening envious holiday scenes that Facebook was invented for, Simon Woodcock of Robinson Michael & Jackson wins the inaugural competition with this quite gratuitous picture of being lathered up. I hope to God its his wife or else this Whale Way blog may be away for a while whilst legal damages are settled and his bruises heal.

And no your eyes aren't deceiving you its not a magic eye picture or anything those actually are the length of his legs, either that or he's not that far away. Which tenuosly allows me to link to Father Ted...

Small .......far away....

Anyway Simon win's a fantastic treat in the Executive suites at Anfield where he and a friend will get to witness the European Cup winners playing his team and non-European winners Tottenham later on in the season. I have already advised Ludwig the Sommelier to stock up on Barolo. Its worth around £1,500 (would've been more but Spurs are only a category B game) and I'm sure he'll eke out every bit of value out of that whilst he's there!

For everyone else, get Kerfuffling with your gear and you could be next months winner.

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