Encompassing both sales and lettings, Spectre completely automates the process of growing market share through...

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Encompassing both sales and lettings, Spectre completely automates the process of growing market share through prospecting properties currently on the market.

● Used by 1,500+ agents around the country
● Generates average RoI of over 3,000%
● Billions of pounds of property has instructed Spectre clients following receipt of Spectre letters

Spectre Sales helps agents to gain motivated vendors in the form of second hand instructions, while Spectre Lettings is a revolutionary new way of prospecting landlords. Spectre constantly monitors properties on the market in an agent’s territory to identify key moments for agents to be in contact. These include:

● Length of time on market
● Price reductions
● Withdrawals
● Fall through
● Predicted upcoming tenancy renewals Bespoke, Branded, Relevant

Spectre isn’t just about providing data, but is a sophisticated software system that allows agents to gain new instructions, professionally and efficiently. It would take agents hours to do manually each day what Spectre can do in moments. Most importantly, the end product does not look automated to the recipient. This means an agent can provide a personal service for a fraction of the time and cost it would traditionally take.


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Spectre pricing is a monthly subscription for postcode sectors. If you take the postcode M1 1JU:
M – Postcode Area
M1 – Postcode District
M1 1 – Postcode Sector
M1 1JU – Postcode Unit

There are three basic price bands, Inner London, Outer London, and Rest of Country.

Inner London (N, E, SE, SW, NW postcode areas) - £45+VAT per Sector per Month
Outer London (inside the M25 motorway) - £39+VAT per Sector per Month
Non-London - £32+VAT per Sector per Month

These prices change if an agent has five or more sectors. The price would then drop to

Inner London - £39+VAT per Sector per Month
Outer London - £32+VAT per Sector per Month
Non-London - £26+VAT per Sector per Month

If they take 10 sectors, they will then get the 11th sector for free. This is repeated for every ten sectors. An agent taking 42 sectors would get 4 free sectors for volume discount.

These are for Spectre Sales or Spectre Lettings individually. If an agent wants to take the two combined, they are able to have the same number of sectors in their sales account in their lettings account at half price.

Spectre does not have any currently, but a Reapit integration is on the roadmap. We have however built a ‘unilateral’ integration so that clients can upload their data into Spectre and the system will intelligently match e.g. vendor and landlord names to addresses. Spectre does not have an external API.

Setup / Onboarding

We go at the speed of the individual client. Once they have signed up, they will be sent an email from our customer success team to arrange a training call and they will be sent login details. If they want to move quickly, this can be done on the same day. Then the only delay in using the system is the user creating content. However, if the client has content prepared they can be using Spectre almost immediately.

Training & Support

Unlimited online and/or face to face training is included for free with Spectre. It’s in our best interests that our clients do as well as possible from the system, so would never limit the amount of training on offer.

Do you offer free of charge –
Telephone Support – Yes
Email Support – Yes
Chat Support – Yes (Zendesk support)

Your product range

● Spectre Sales
● Spectre Lettings

Problems we solve for agents

Spectre solves the problem of prospecting for the second-hand stock, both for sales and lettings. It does this by:
1) Automating the process. Spectre collects the full address of properties on the market, and then uses a series of templates to generate marketing material in moments, rather than the hours it would take to do the process manually.
2) Improving the process. Most agents are already in some form of contact with vendors using other agencies, and so an agent needs to stand out. They can do this using a personal touch. Spectre is able to intelligently pull in information about the property and the agency into letters. Each Spectre letter is relevant to a vendor’s specific situation.

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