Yomdel designs and delivers world-class customer experiences, for modern, customer-focused businesses, who want to...

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Yomdel designs and delivers world-class customer experiences, for modern, customer-focused businesses, who want to differentiate on service.

From market research and mystery shopping that defines your optimum customer experience, to fully managed 24/7 live chat that delivers exceptional service to your customers, Yomdel offers market-leading business growth where it matters. The customer!

Five years ago, Yomdel pioneered high quality, fully managed live chat services to the property sector, and now serves more than 3,000 estate agents across the UK and businesses across sectors including financial services, removals, automotive and travel. Yomdel is now the market leader in Australian real estate as well. In addition, Yomdel offers 24/7 voice call and email support, with social messenger channels coming on stream this year too.

Yomdel Insight Services - Market Research and Mystery Shopping, uncover customer truths for your business, and also measure and benchmark current customer satisfaction. Yomdel ensures you take the risk out of decision making and identifies exactly what steps to take to improve your customer experiences, differentiating you from your competition.

Partnering with UK businesses, in 2018 Yomdel services delivered an average of 32% incremental revenue through client websites and improved customer experience, a staggering 18:1 ROI.

Yomdel’s service approach is first and foremost ‘quality’, naturally leading to a total focus on successful outcomes for your business. In short, we grow your business in line with your targets.


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For Yomdel Live Chat there are a variety of options from per chat, per lead, success only and a blend. These are discussed with the client. Larger volume (website traffic) is typically per chat, with additional charges depending on extra services requested.
For mystery shopping there is a rate card for different activities from simple phone enquiries, to branch walk-ins, to covertly recorded home valuations and competitor analysis.

We are integrating with an increasing number of suppliers, CRMs and tech platforms. This is a priority for YomdelIs your API
Open? Yomdel is able to deliver leads via XML, an open API or via dedicated APIs for CRM systems.
Chargeable? Yomdel charges a nominal monthly charge.

Setup / Onboarding

Generally one-two weeks, sometimes faster. With Yomdel providing services to thousands of agents the process is very fine-tuned. We do all the heavy-lifting for our clients, meaning they just need to sign off on the details provided. It is very efficient and easy.

Training & Support

Online, face to face or blended? Blended
Included or chargeable? Included

Do you offer free of charge:
Telephone Support – Yes (24/7)
Email Support – Yes (24/7)
Chat Support – Yes (24/7)

Your product range

• 24/7 Managed Live Chat
• Mystery Shopping
• Customer Research
• Market Research
• Email management
• Telephone Customer Service

Problems we solve for agents

Yomdel helps agents grow through using managed live chat to significantly increase website conversion to generate large volumes of new leads and levels of customer satisfaction above 95%. With tough trading conditions and declines in transaction volumes, Yomdel helps agents create competitive advantage and grow market share.
Mystery shopping enables agents to shine a light into their business so they can understand the customer experience and take steps to improve. Competitor benchmarking also enables Yomdel agents to successfully win more business.

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