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We remove 80% of your ‘end of tenancy’ admin whilst simultaneously delighting tenants with a transparent, simple,...

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We remove 80% of your ‘end of tenancy’ admin whilst simultaneously delighting tenants with a transparent, simple, any-time online service. Easy to use and fully customizable our online app will transform your agency operations and delight consumers and staff alike. We expect agents and tenants to be equal advocates. Whilst our primary concern is for the agents who are our clients and we know they will love the ease of the system and how much time & stress we remove from the day to day operation. However, tenants have accepted for far too long that the end of the tenancy process is murky and messy and stressful and horrible- once they see what this does they will be huge advocates of you and your agency. Testing to date has seen tenants give the platform a 90% satisfaction rating with 83% giving the deduction negotiation process alone a rating of ‘fair & transparent’- when was the last time you had a tenant say that about deductions? Never….?

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Pricing currently under review however we are4 offering any EA Masters attendees the rest of 2019 for free and expect pricing to be under £100 per branch per month.

As a newly launching company, we currently have no integrations in place but this will be our primary focus going forwards. The faster agents adopt our offering the quicker we will be able to achieve integrations as many CRMs facilitate this based on agent demand- so you can help us achieve this faster by signing up, encouraging other users with the same CRM to do the same and to directly encourage the CRM to integrate with us as soon as possible. We will announce integrations as they happen and will update them here on kerfuffle but also on our website.

Setup / Onboarding

You submit an online registration request for an account. Once we have approved this and your account is made life (within 1 working day and usually within an hour)- if you have the relevant info to hand then an account can be configured within just 5 minutes. Thereafter any applicable users can easily be added and that’s it- you are ready to go. Richer customization (you will be able to customise any of the @ 70 emails the platform sends out) will take longer but is very easy to do. At any time you can revisit your account ‘master’ settings and change these according to your needs. Onboarding will usually be assisted with online and we are here to help at any point you get stuck. We will be producing regular content for our blogs and YouTube channel on best practice and great ‘hacks’

Training & Support

Online, face to face or blended? Currently online
Included or chargeable? Free
For larger operations we will offer a billable on-site training session for the whole team- the costs of which will depend on the size of the team, location of the offices and the contract being taken with us.

Do you offer free of charge –
Telephone Support – Yes
Email Support – Yes
Chat Support – Potentially will do in the future

Your product range

- An ‘end of tenancy’ admin facilitation tool/app

Problems we solve for agents

We remove around 80% of end of tenancy admin- most of which is zero value chasing
We deliver transparency to tenants in what is often a fraught and stressful time
We streamline processes and compliance, deliver oversite of all concluding tenancies and their status and mandate consistency

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