Goodlord is on a mission to provide the best rental experience in the world to letting agents, landlords and tenants...

Goodlord is on a mission to provide the best rental experience in the world to letting agents, landlords and tenants alike and is already working with 500 agency brands throughout the UK.

Goodlord is the only end-to-end pre-tenancy software on the market, which delivers referencing, compliance and the sale of revenue-generating products, all under one roof. Goodlord reduces administration time for letting agents by 50%, resulting in a simpler and improved user experience for everyone. The key features of our platform are:

  • Up-to-date tenancy agreements
  • Creation of the offer letter
  • E-signing and e-payments
  • Online referencing form
  • Tailored online platform

The Goodlord platform also facilitates the sale of additional products and services by agents to landlords and tenants at the optimal time to deliver increased conversions. These products and services include:

  • Referencing
  • Insurances
  • Deposit replacement insurance
  • Tenant move-in services including broadband, media and energy
  • Updating of utility and council tax ownership

Goodlord is an award-winning, ARLA Protected supplier, providing a one-stop shop to letting agencies of all sizes and throughout the UK.

We customise the packages based on each new customers needs but the starting package begins (full platform functionality) at £62.50 per month.

Goodlord currently integrates with Flatfair and a select number of PMS companies. In the near future, we are looking to increase the number of integrations with our platform to provide our agent customers more options and to continue to make processing tenancies a lot easier and faster than before. No API

Setup / Onboarding

Once the contract is signed and initial steps completed, Goodlord configures an agency’s platform so it’s ready in time for their very first call with us as a customer. On this welcome call, we run the customer through their onboarding timeline, recap the Goodlord process and show them how to access their platform. We also book in the team platform training. The platform training is an online session where we run through how to use the platform on a day-to-day basis and make sure our customers know how to get the most of the platform. Agencies who are on Goodlord or ARLA documents can be onboarded (from the Welcome Call) within 2-3 days. Customers who use their own contracts will have a document review call and their onboarding will typically take an additional 3-5 days based on the number of bespoke contracts required. For larger volume or multiple site agencies, a bespoke onboarding program is agreed upon by all parties.

Training & Support

Online, face to face or blended? Blended
Included or chargeable? Chargeable
Do you offer free of charge –
Telephone Support – Yes
Email Support – Yes
Chat Support – Yes

Your product range

● Automatic contract generation, e-signing, and e-payments
● Includes AST, non-AST, License and Corporate lets
● Branded to your agency
● Comprehensive referencing
● From as little as £5
● AML & TrustID also available
● Insurance
● Rent protection insurance
● Deposit replacement insurance
● Tenants contents and liability insurance
● Move-in services
● Utility switching, including energy, council tax, and water
● Broadband, media, and access to additional tenant offers

Problems we solve for agents

Goodlord is working to reduce the time, effort and cost to an agency in processing a let, whilst delivering a better experience to all involved. We have and continue to build products and additional services that allow agents to be more efficient, make additional revenue, grow their market share and increase brand their value.

Goodlord provides agents with key solutions to their current challenges, including: 
● Reducing administrative time in order to speed up the time it takes to complete a let
● Further protection to ensure compliance through the automatic distribution of legislative documentation, such as “How to Rent” guide and EPC and Gas Safety certificates
● Helping agents to achieve increased conversions on additional products and services
● Providing a digital-first solution to tenants and landlords for increased speed, transparency, and communication
● Providing agents with greater visibility and control during the pre-tenancy journey.
● Helping eliminate errors, by reducing manual data entry.

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