Affordable client accounts automation - sound good?

We’re excited to get an exclusive on a new client accounts solution that agentOS has launched. The CRM provider, formally known as LetMC, has launched agentPay to help existing and new customers automate many of the tedious and time-consuming processes involved in client accounts.

There are a number of providers in this space already but this is one of the more affordable options, particularly when you factor in their exclusive kerfuffle deal of getting your first 2 months free. Check out their portfolio calculator to see how much it would cost for your management portfolio.

As long-established experts in lettings and property management, there is no doubting their credibility. Owner Glyn Trott also ran a lettings and property management business for 20 years and maintains his own property management portfolio giving him hands-on experience from an agent and landlord perspective.

agentPay automates processes such as reconciling, landlord payments, statement runs application of management fees, and contractor payments providing significant time and cost savings daily for agents.

It uses open banking which means agents can keep their existing client account making the transition much easier – you can literally just plug your client account into the application.

You also don’t need to be using the agentOS CRM solution – it is designed to work standalone. This makes setup much faster so you can be up-and-running within 7 days.

It is supported by an app and a landlord login area giving you and your landlords quick access to important information anytime anywhere.

Jez Lee, head of sales and partnerships at agentOS commented: “We know agents didn't get into the letting business to spend all their time wading through their client accounting: reconciling, matching and making payments.  So we created agentPay to automate the payment journey from tenant to agent to landlord to give agents back their time to concentrate on their business."

Exclusive kerfuffle deal - enjoy your first 2 months free!

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